Who’s watching your inventory?


Make sure it’s the latest GSD cameras equipped with AI capabilities that provide valuable visibility and insights.

Install a video surveillance system that keeps an eye on your business when you can’t.

Install a video surveillance system that keeps an eye on your business when you can’t.

  • Alerts you when a car or person enters your premises off hours
  • Monitor facilities from anywhere using desktop or mobile
  • Detects when vulnerable areas are breached
  • Helps your bottom line by preventing theft and vandalism
  • Saves time by quickly searching videotapes for events or people 
  • Is affordable and comes with a 3-year replacement warranty
  • Notifies you when VIPs arrive to enhance their overall experience
  • Tools that are ideal for your car dealership

Advanced AI capabilities 

Facial and vehicle recognition allow you to quickly search hours of video tape by vehicle, person, colour, area, time, and more

Smart Guard app

Download the SmartGuardian app to remotely monitor your locations from anywhere

Easy installation and maintenance 

Installation and registration are as simple as scanning a barcode

Affordable Pricing

Products are in stock, and price guaranteed for 90 days

Technical and support

Free assistance with installation layouts

Customer service

Replacement warranty 



The Toyota Group Once Again Relies on GSD Products to Safeguard its New Facilities in Gatineau.

GSD is proud to have shared its expertise to provide this customer with a platform that leverages intelligent search as a primary tool, as well as human and vehicle detection (an advanced, competitive technology that is also exclusive).

A total of 125 cameras spread over 5 different sites now optimize its perimeter security.

“The multi-site installation, connected by fiber optics, facilitated the installation of a 4K (8MP) platform, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize management of a car fleet for 5 dealerships in the Gatineau Region.”