Gain valuable visibility and insights into customer behaviour 

Improve your strategies for preventing fraud and loss prevention while creating the best retail experience for your customers. Cloud Video Management Systems (VMS) with AI can.

  • GSD’s cloud video management system provides valuable benefits for retailers
  • Identify the number of people visiting a location
  • Improve your bottom line by reducing theft and shoplifting
  • Identify peak business hours
  • Optimize your employee schedules to align with peak store traffic 
  • Restrict access of untrustworthy individuals with smart blacklist feature
  • Identify patterns to track fraud in storerooms and at cash registers
  • Monitor facilities from anywhere using desktop or mobile
  • Be notified when VIPs arrive to enhance their overall experience
  • Tools that are ideal for your retail establishment

Advanced AI capabilities 

Facial and vehicle recognition allow you to quickly search hours of video tape by vehicle, person, colour, area, time, and more

SmartGuardian app

Download the Smart Guard app to remotely monitor your locations from anywhere

Easy installation and maintenance 

Installation and registration are as simple as scanning a barcode

Affordable Pricing

Products are in stock, and price guaranteed for 90 days

Technical and support

Free assistance with installation layouts

Customer service

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