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Introducing the B6BASE1 a junction Box compatible with B2, B6, B7Z, XB7Z, and XB8 models. This versatile box offers secure housing for your cameras, ensuring seamless integration with your surveillance setup. Simplify installation and enhance protection for your equipment with the White Junction Box.

Introducing the D2BASE1 a sleek white junction box crafted specifically for D2 and FLF cameras. Compatible with both models, it offers secure housing and seamless integration, streamlining your installation process while enhancing your surveillance setup's aesthetics.

Introducing the D2BASE1-G, a white pendant box designed for D2 and FLF cameras, optimized for installation with either the WMB6 or the CMB6-G brackets. Ensuring secure housing for your cameras, this pendant box streamlines installation, guaranteeing proper mounting with the chosen bracket for optimal surveillance placement.

The DBASEX double white junction box allows for the seamless installation of two cameras using a single wire. Compatible with models B7Z, XB7Z, D6, XD6, T2, XT2, T3, and XT3, it offers versatile mounting options on the ceiling (using DBASEX-P + CMB6-P) or wall (using WMB8 + DBASEX-P). Its durable construction and sleek white design ensure a clean and...

The DBASEX-P pendant plate for the DBASEX is an essential accessory for versatile security installation. Designed for maximum compatibility, it allows for ceiling mounting in combination with the CMB6-P, as well as wall installation with the WMB8. Its robust and adaptable design ensures a stable and secure installation while maintaining a clean and...